Make Chicken Manchurian in Minutes

Chicken Manchurian is the favorite recipe of millions of people. It is very much liked in different states of India and the world because millions of people like to eat it on special occasions due to its very tasty and spicy taste in food.

Today we are telling here an easy way to make Chicken Manchurian. It doesn’t require much ingredients and it doesn’t take much time to make. So whenever you feel like eating Chicken Manchurian Recipe, then easily prepare and serve it at home. So without delay, let’s start making Chicken Manchurian Recipe in Hindi.

necessary ingredients

boneless chicken 350 g (cut into pieces)
Capsicum 1 (chopped)
Carrot 1 (cut into slices)
One onion (sliced ​​in slices)
1 inch ginger (finely chopped)
Garlic cloves 4-5 (finely chopped)
2 eggs
Corn Flour 2 tsp
Flour 1 tbsp
Green chili 2 (finely chopped)
Black pepper powder 2 tsp
soy sauce 1 tsp
Red Chili Sauce 1 tbsp
Oil – 500 grams
green coriander a little
little green onion
salt to taste


To make Chicken Manchurian, first wash the boneless chicken with water and put it in a bowl. Now add one teaspoon cornflour, all purpose flour, 1 teaspoon black pepper powder, salt to taste and crack 2 eggs and mix it well with hands.

Now put oil in a pan or wok and heat it on high flame. When the oil becomes hot, pick up each piece of chicken and put it in the oil and fry for 2 minutes till it turns golden in color. When the color of the chicken becomes golden, take it out from the ladle and keep it in a plate.

Now put 2 tbsp oil in a pan and heat it. As soon as the oil is hot, add finely chopped green chilies, ginger and garlic and fry for half a minute. Keep the flame of the gas medium and now add onion, carrot and capsicum and fry for 1 minute. Now add black pepper powder, one teaspoon cornflour, salt, soy sauce and red chili sauce and mix well. (How to make Chicken Fry)

When bubbles start coming, add the chicken and cook on medium flame for 2 minutes. Now turn off the gas and take it out in a plate. Now garnish with chopped coriander and green onions. Chicken Manchurian is ready to be served. Enjoy it in lunch or dinner with family members. (How to make Veg Manchurian)


In Chicken Manchurian, cut the onion in layers with a fork and remove the seeds while chopping the capsicum. Carrot is also to be cut into thin slices and if there is no carrot then do not add. We have made it dry, if you want gravy then you can add water while frying the tempering.

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